Friday, September 16, 2005

A Three Way Battle? Fighting to Dominate Search, the Desktop, and the Data Web

The pace of the web at the moment is frightening - every time I take a couple of days away, there's another announcement.

I've just come back to the blogosphere after a few days away, and it seems that Google have just got in to blog searching (Google Blog Search, announcement) though many of the reports I've read on it so far have been unimpressed (I'd list them - but it's late... bad form I know but I didn't bookmark them anywhere...)

It strikes me that there are battles raging on several fronts at the moment -here's just a few things that have caught my eye:

On the Desktop

Microsoft think they own it, of course, but Yahoo!'s investment Konfabulator, and Google's new improved Google Desktop are both plays of a sort for that valuable screen real estate.

In the Persoanlised Search Arena

There's also the battle for the personalised search portal too, and again Google got in there outside the Beta this week (Personalised Google Homepage, announcement), though surely Yahoo My Web can't be far behind. Cpome to think of it, I haven't heard much about the MSN Start personal portal for a bit. In any case, none of them have got anything (IMHO) on the almost ultimately customisable Netvibes (I wonder when they'll support drag and drop placement of panels!)

For the Data Web
RSS is coming on strong, and is likely to take of further as it gets rebranded as web feeds. IE7 will make a strong play for RSS, as will Longhorn, and we all know that Firefox can make more than a little use of the format.

PS Along with Google's BlogSearch, there's also the quietly released MSN feed search and what I think was the the first feed search from the big guns, Yahoo's feed search.

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