Friday, July 29, 2005

Feed Annotation Streams: Keeping it Simple..

As work on the RSS Feed Annotation Streams proceeds, Matt has commented: "the spec needs to be presented with some form of ping service which is going to take a bit more time to set up. I am happy for others to develop ideas based on my original proposal - which I want to keep as simple as possible to allow for maximum exploration of possible application layers."

I quite agree with simplicity being essential if the FAS spec is to get widely adopted, but (sorry....) I was thinking on my way home last night how one major possible use of FAS is annotatiing stories with images, movies, and perhaps audio - ie. media annotations ( = enclosures).

So just to raise the question, if only to shoot it down, FAS is proposed as a lightweight complement to e.g. RSS (NB should FAS apply equally to Atom feeds etc?). What if the spec instead were a minor extension to RSS/Atom?


PS Some links are used in blogs etc. to provide 'more info' about a topic (e.g. the faux Wikipedia RSS link above). To what extent is the semantics of this an annotation?

PPS Many blogs quote particular sections from other blogs, as in the opening paragraph to this post. To what extent then is this post an annotation of the quoted paragraph (I know, I know, the sense in which I'm using annotation is starting to drift, but this is brainstorm mode ;-)? Could I use this post as an annotation that references the roginal quote via e.g. a URI and XPath? (This makes assumption that the structure of the original posting will remain the same of course...)

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Blogger matthew said...

AJH - the simplicity I am after is syntactic simplicity. I agree that annotating stories with pictures, audio, etc. can all fit into the idea. I'm even thinking about text to speech renditions of blog posts being annotations. Such annotations could even be created on demand in some way.

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