Tuesday, July 05, 2005

CV Maps

For some reason, I've been thinking about CVs lately, and it struck me that it may be amusing to combine Google Maps with my CV...

The release of the Google Maps API means it's now quite straightforward to produce your own annotated maps, even without having to resort to something like MyGmaps.

So until I get round to producing a demo/dummy CV (do you really think I'd publish nmy life history on the public web?), what would the CV map look like?

Well, the way I imagine it is to have a series of markers coloured blue to red (for temperature, or recency), and perhaps with symbol identifier (school, HEI, etc.) with information panels that describe what happened when at places identified by the markers (qualifications at school, for example, university degree, membership of local golf club, or previous/current employer(s) etc.). Also in the info panel would be a link to the appropriate institution web page.

Depending on where you currently live, you could set a preference for a 'happy to work with x miles of home' transparent image overlaid on the map and centred on your home address. Slightly more sophistictaed would be a 'happy to work with half-an-hour of home' transparent overlay, which would (with a bit of route-planning help) provide a better estimate of the places you'd be happy to commute to. (This feature would probably be helpful to the CV-owning job-hunter, too...)

I couldn't imagine this being of the slightest bit of interest to the personnel department of a large corporate organisation, of course, but it would add a bit of colour, and might easily provide an automated visualisation of a CV that's been authored in a structured authoring environment...

And for why? Err - why not? If nothing else, it would be an applied testbed for learning how to do transparent overlays and time-based route planning in Google Maps;-)

And the revenue generating opportunities are obvious to keep the site ticking over - job advert feeds from employers in your commuting zone, fund-raising requests from your university alumni association, sponsored links in from Friends Reunitied (err - perhaps not ;-)

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