Thursday, August 11, 2005

Easy Peasy Google Maps Labels

This is has been blogged around to death recently*, which is why I decided not to post anything, becuase it wouldn't be adding anything anything new...

But here it is anyway: want to add your own text to a Google map label? simple add +(Your text in brackets) to the search term, like this: This is where I work...

So - how to make this post a little different? Err - how about this: I'm not really into using FOAF, but it would be handy if there was somewhere I could made particular, specific contact details avaliable. Like or, for example... They come as RSS, too, of course:

I'm not sure if supports unshareable tags yet? That is, I don't really want to be able to look at the personal/homepage tag for every user at the same time - I just want to look up that particular profile item for a single user at a time.

Addendum - not done to death it seems...funny how coming to a backlog of a few days news mucks up your perception of what's happening in the blogosphere. Whay seems to have happened is that in a marathon catch-up news reading session I'd read three posts in quick succession on the topic (two of which were trackbacks to Paul Miller's original post on A ridiculously easy way to add arbitrary text to Google Maps) and not paid attention to the common root (which I then unconsciously ripped off in the title of this post...).
So - not done to death, just a really neat discovery in one of Paul's last few posts, I guess, to the Common Information Environment blog.


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