Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Delicious Reverse Lookups Reveal Pages' "Implicit" Keyword Metadata...

I know I should make use of it, but I still haven't got into the swing of using Dublin Core Metadata in HTML/XHTML meta and link elements. For those of you who aren't familiar with metadata, it's a preliminary step on the road to the semantic web, that machine readable infosphere where machines can help humble flesh and blood users navigate the apparently boundless virtual space that is the world wide web.

A step further back from Dublin Core metadata are un-name spaced meta tags, such as <meta name="keyword" content="micro-content, delicious, metadata, folksonomy" /> - but even then, more of my pages than not fail to capture even this search-engine friendly information (perhaps that's why my sites get so few hits?!)

Anyway - so much for the intro...a thought that occurred to me today was "so what if I forget to add keyword metadata to my pages...if they get tagged by users, then surely I should be able to look up the related tags and see how other people have rated the page... In case you were wondering, there is an experimental delicious bookmarking bookmarklet that displays the tags other people have used to categorise the current page...with a tiny bit of scraping, it shouldbe easy enough to just pull out the tags used to describe a particular page...?

Or perhaps a switch already exists in the API? For sure, the Scrumptious extension for Firefox produces a tag list for the currently loaded page...

This leads naturally to the idea of a deliciously opportunistic keyword metadata tagger script, provided as a server-side function call, or perhaps even client side js call, that creates an HTML meta tag with keyword data pulled from the tags used to described the delicious bookmarks that link to the page... Admittedly, it wouldn't be much use if the page was unbookmarked...


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