Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wep Page Plus: A Personal Semantic Browser?

If you haven't yet come across the Firefox Greasemonkey extension, you haven't lived... Greasemonkey is one of the trailblazing tools for developing client side javascript web intermediaries that let you wreak havoc with other peoples' websites in the comfort of your own browser (some of the issues arising around the use of Greasemonkey can be found in this post on Greasemonkey: an Historical Perspective).

For the maverick employee, corporate fool or renegade web tinkerer, with too much time - or too little sleep - on their hands, Greasemonkey combined with URIid provides the perfect forum for customising other peoples' websites just the way you like them. In case you haven't already come across it, URIid is another of those pesky Firefox extensions that provides power to the people - in this case, allowing you to skin other peoples' sites according to your own taste...

So - the next time you have an idea for an extra bit of functionality, see the need for a bit of radical personalisation, or can't put up with someone else's site desgin, customise the page display yourself and put it right in your own browser...

Alternatively, if your webmaster can't see why you're proposing a particular change, or doesn't appreciate the suggestions you're making for a site overhaul, rebuild the site locally and show them the benefits directly... tags:


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