Friday, May 13, 2005

Teasing Google

A couple of amusing items about Google caught my eye the other day - this rather nifty spoof about a Google Content Blocker, and this newscast fromthe future about the rise of Googlezon.

And they sort of got me thinking about what other Google related trifles and amusing curiosities there might be out there... a stack of Greasemonkey aplications of course, but nothing that subversive... a spoof on Google AdWords, such as Google AdBust...

So what I'm loking for is an RSS feed at words, or an image retrieving webservice at best, that allows me to subvert (in the comfort of my own borwser, of course) the ads Google tries to send me... you know the sorts of ad I mean, I think: something along the lines of the ads on AdBusters or the spoofs on tags:


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