Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Who Rates This Page?

As I pondered over several of the bookmarklets I have installed on the browser I use in the office, I realised how my idle-browsing habits are slowly starting to change as I augment my browser with 1-click search tools.

Consider these three bookmarklets, for example: On Technorati?, On, Google links?. All of them return a search on the URL of the currently loaded page.

On Technorati? and Google links? both see who else has made mention of the page, On sees who's bookmarked it.

As well as the links embedded in the page I'm looking at, I can also navigate away from it to pages related by backward links, such as you might expect from a Trackback service perhaps (here's a Trackback with Movable Type screencast if you're interested...). Alternatively, I can see who's rated the page enough to bookmark it on - I can then go through the list see how other people have clustered the page, for example through the tags they've used, and I can then go wandering through pages related to the one I was originally looking at through a similiarity measure based on a tag folksonomy.


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