Saturday, April 02, 2005

Routefinder Bookmarklet as a Firefox Keyword

As this blog plays catch-up with notes I never made but possibly should have, here's a little bit of documentation to self about getting the most out of bookmarklets...

A few weeks ago, I posted a whole flurry of UK postcode related bookmarklets, that autodiscovered postcode <link /> tags or grabbed highlighted postcodes from a page, and launched postcode relevant pages, such as routefinders.

Now it's all very well having dozens and dozens of postcodes, but that doesn't make them useful if they're hard to find - the Bookmark toolbar is only so big , after all. This isn't a problem with Firefox, of course (not sure about IE? I don't use it any more...) - simply open up the bookmarklet's Properties dialogue, and enter a keyword (I started with fromwork, towork, fromhome and tohome, but these are likely to migrate to fw, tw, fh and th, as you might expect...). To fire the bookmarklet, I simply highlight a postcode on the page I'm viewing, enter the keyword in the Firefox address line, and a route from work (or wherever) to wherever appears as if by magic... tags:


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