Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Routefinder Bookmarklet

Hopefully this is going to be the last of the recent thread of postcode/bookmarklet posts... Time for pastures new and all that... :-)

...so here we go - a bit of javascript something like the following:
location.href= ''
//targetURI including _from location (homePostCode)
+ encodeURIComponent(window.getSelection())
//the _to location (or v.v)

Pop it into a link and we have the following bookmarklets:

- from myHomePostcode to selectedPostcode (Michelin Routefinder, or GreenFlag Routefinder)

- from selectedPostcode to myHomePostcode (Michelin Routefinder, or GreenFlag Routefinder)

To use the bookmarklets, drag them onto your browser toolbar, set the homePostCode bvariable to your home paostcode, then highlight a postcode (such as MK7 6AA) on an arbitrary webage. Fire off the appropriate bookmarklet to find the route between your home location and the highlighted target location...

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