Friday, March 18, 2005

Playing With ISBNs...

As with the plethora of services that make use of postcodes, some of which I have blogged about recently, there's also a wealth of services out there (not least the Amazon E-commerce Service) that take an ISBN as an argument.

What caught my eye with this posting - CIE Thoughts: An RSS feed for books? - about was the mention of the RSS output feed option... It's good to see that more people are making their search outputs machine readable...:-)

So for example, how about searching for a book by ISBN? (There's also a keyword search as you might expect...).

Some of my own doodles on using ISBNs can be found on the OUseful course book search page and the not quite ready yet Purchasers of this book may also be interested in studying... page.

Update: offer an RSS feed of new bools identified by keyword. For example, to keep track of new books on robotics, I subscibe to the RSS feed. tags:


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