Friday, March 18, 2005


JISCMAIL is a mailing list service sponsored by the JISC, for the UK Higher and Further Education communities, enabling members to stay in touch and share information by e-mail or via the web.

When you sign up to a list, the listserver can email you each message as it arrives at the server, or batch the mail in a digest on your behalf. The list server also takes care of archiving. I'm particularly keen on a couple of the mailing lists: Creative-robotics-network-info, the mailing list of the Creative Robotics Research Network (CRRN) and psci-com: on the public understanding of science.

Recently, however, I've been suffering an email crisis. I read an article on Managing Incoming E-mail: What Every User Needs to Know at the start of the year in an effort to be told again(!) about effective ways of managing ever increasing loads of email... but it's not working... I dread to think how many messages are in my Mailbox languishing unread and know I really should get round to adding some more filters, reducing the amount of lists I'm subscribed to, or finding another way of consuming the information that doesn't clutter up my space.

So - reading my JISCMAIL lists through an RSS aggregator seemed sensible...but I couldn't find any feeds, here's one for the CRRN list, and here's one for PSCI-COM. The script needs tidying up, of course, but it's a start... tags:


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