Thursday, February 09, 2006

Search across computers

Google's starting to scare me...

For example, their new desktop client has this service

>Search Across Computers New!
>To search documents and web history from your other computers, enter your
>Google Account information. An error message on the Desktop homepage will
>let you know if you accidently entered an incorrect username or password.
>(see more details about Search Across Computers)
>You can also choose to:
> * Name this computer: This name will be displayed in the search
>results of your other computers that have enabled Search Across Computers
>with the same Google Account.
> * My other computers can search this computer's:
> o Documents and web history
> o Documents only
> o Web history only
> * Clear my files from Google: In order to share your indexed files
>between your computers, we first copy this content to Google Desktop
>servers located at Google. This is necessary, for example, if one of your
>computers is turned off or otherwise offline when new or updated items
>are indexed on another of your machines. We store this data temporarily
>on Google Desktop servers and automatically delete older flies, and your
>data is never accessible by anyone doing a Google search. You can learn
>more by reading the Google Desktop privacy policy.
> While your data is automatically deleted from our servers, you can
>use the Clear my Files from Google button to manually remove all your
>files from Google Desktop servers. Note that if these files haven’t yet
>been copied to your other computers, clicking this button will prevent
>you from finding them when you search from your other computers. The
>files will, of course, still be searchable from their computer of origin.

This is all starting to look a bit like 'Google wants to organize the
world's information *by having a copy of it all*'! (as sort of predicted