Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Me, Aggregated, Part 2

It struck me driving in to work today that while Suprglu potentially provides me with single aggregated view of a variety of my web offerings, it doesn't let me search them...

But Rollyo does... doesn't it?

For example, here's my Rollyo enabled Suprglu page...

But it doesn't work properly :-(

For example, my OUseful blog can't be searched from the root domain... and I don't think the search on my Micro-Info blog at Blogger works either...

Ho hum...does anyone out there know of a php script (or js script) that will take a list of url's (as RSS? or OPML?) and mash them, perhaps one at a time, with a site: call to Google using the Google API, and then display a list of combined results?

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