Monday, December 05, 2005

Tooltip Links

Earlier today, I read this post on Linking to stuff in your posts which describes a situation familiar to many bloggers and blog readers:

Sometimes when I write a blog post I’d like to refer to a list of links but I can only hyperlink under one word, so what most people do is this:

eg. A lot of people have talked about this, and I have mentioned it here, and, here

I think this is a bit awkward, the proper way is to list all the titles of the posts, but sometimes you can’t just do that in the middle of a post, it may ruin the flow.

So what if (I think I may rename this blog what if…) you could choose the word to put a link under and then when someone clicks on that link an ajax box pops-up listing all the title’s of the links.

Like this perhaps:

and demoed here?


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