Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rollyo Portable? PageLinks Search

Just after I made the SearchLinks post last night, it struck me that another possibly useful tool would be a federated search over all the sites linked to from a given page: Rollyo Portable, if you like (after the Rollyo services which allosws you to create personalised, aggregated searches via Yahoo).

How would this work? Quite straightforwardly, I imagine:
  1. It would use toolbar searchbox, or text field added to the page somehow, and
  2. a server-side script, to
  3. search a page for anchor (<a>) tags, then
  4. extract the href link information (domains and directory path information),
  5. and use them in multiple calls to Google, say, using the Google Search API and the site: switch set to each linked to domain in turn,
  6. aggregate the results, and then
  7. return them to the user.
Each page could then have it's own customised Rollyo search equivalent. So, a possibly useful feature for a Rollyo toolbar, perhaps?

NB I'm not convinced that Rollyo does all it could. In particular, I think it only searches on a domain, which means I can't use it to search my OUseful blog, which actually lives down quite a long path...


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