Thursday, October 13, 2005

Aggregation Profiles

With the increasing number of knowledge sources that are making themselves amenable to subscription via RSS, working out what to subscribe to to get coverage of a particular topic is likely to be increasingly problematic.

The availability of blogrolls and linkrolls are potentially exemplars of what I have been thinking of as aggregation profiles - or lists of things I can subscribe to on a particular topic.

It's easy to imagine a repository of such profiles, perhaps as an extension to Wikipedia entries, which gives users looking to subscribe to a variety of feeds in a given area (so they get an overview, or coverage, of that area) a good starting point.

One way I saw these working was to provide a user downloading an aggregation profile (or feedroll?) and offer an immediate subscription to all the feeds in that feedroll. A simple management dialogue, with the default of a ticked checkbox for every feed in the profile would allow users to customise the profile from a rich starting point.

Catching up on some unread posts today, I see the idea is in the elsewhere, with the proposal of RSS Readling Lists, which a user can subscribe to in toto, and which automatically passes through content from any, only and all the feeds contained in the reading list at any given time. (Note the element of customisaiton is not proposed in the reading list idea).

I look forward in my lazy web way to seeing the first few clients...


Blogger Tony Hirst said...

Note to self - it would also be handy if search terms, rules or filters could be associated with the feedroll so that not all the content from the listed feeds is propagated?

2:19 PM  
Blogger Tony Hirst said...

Note to self - there's a post just appeared on the Talis blog that relates to this thread in the context of Reading Lists

2:12 PM  

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