Sunday, February 20, 2005

Where's That Mobile?

Although an asynchronous service, SMS has the potential to support one-way and two-way interactions based on the limited form of location awareness you potentially get for free every time you switch your mobile phone on.

Here's one brief review of Location and Presence in Mobile Data Services that sets the scene admirably.

One obvious question is - what sorts of location aware services are already out there making use of this information?

mapAmobile is one idea that raised quite a few privacy concerns when it was first released. Using the mapAmobile service, you can get your current location txted to your phone (send try mapamobile to 83118 (in the UK) and (allegedly) they'll send you details of your location by return txt. I'm not sure how many trials this is good for, though!). Once registered, you can look up the location of a phone registered with your account through a browser.

ChildLocate does something similar, and rather than going for the corposrate market, this service is targeted squarely at families.

Hmmm - seems like another blogger was been surfing similar things this time last year: One Stop Thought Shop: Little Brother is watching!. TagandScan looks weel worth a play here in the might not be too hard to build a simialr service from scratch using the location awareness service that comes with an iTAGG account.


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